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Harvia Steam Generator (Finland)

Place of Origin: Finland
Brand Name: HARVIA
Model Number: HGS60
Function: Wet Steam, Steam generator
Feature: Computer Control Panel, With Transom Windows
Main Material: Stainless steel
Color: Silver grey
Power: 5.7 kW
Sauna room area: 2-6 CBS
Specification: 520*196*411mm
Steam output: 7.6 kg/h
External control device: yes
Delivery time: 5-15 working days
Type: Sauna Rooms
Capacity: 2-3 people


Steam Room Accessories_Steam Generator

Model NO. HA-45
Usage Power Plant Boiler
Structure Wall Hanging
Combustion Chamber Combustion Furnace
Fuel Electric
Flow Path Water Pipe Boiler
Type Natural Circulation
Installation In Bulk
Pressure High Pressure
Series 3G
Brand Harvia
4.5kw 220V
Trademark HARVIA
Origin China

AK Steam Generator (Amerec USA)

Amerec Steam’s AK generators set themselves apart from other residential generators with several unique features.
The “Soft Steam” function maintains the ultimate comfort zone. Minimal temperature variations and an even
flow of steam are the two most important traits of the perfect steam-bath. Amerec Steam’s engineering provides

both traits with its unique “soft steam” function. The AK generator features innovative “soft steam”

element switching to maintain a consistent and comfortable steam bath environment.

Model: AK SERIES                                           Brand: Amerec-USA                                            CONTROLER : K60


SAUNA STONE r is best described as a “sauna stone pillar”. The design is developed to produce steam from the lowest to the highest part of the sauna room. The bather will enjoy a full-body distribution of steam with Tower heaters.


Model: SAC198098


The Harvia sauna accessories set includes a stainless steel bucket and ladle and an easy-to-read Thermo/hygrometer. The Harvia sauna accessories set goes with your sauna-like water goes with the sauna stones.



Model: SA006


The Harvia sauna light and shades fill your sauna with a pleasant, soft light that complements the harmonious atmosphere of the sauna. The simplistic, classical style of the sauna light and the wooden shade is a perfect match.


Model: SAS 21060

Sauna Bucket & Spoon (Harvia Finland)

The 7 l sauna bucket by Harvia goes with your sauna-like water goes with the stones. Pair up your ladle with a traditional wooden bucket designed and finished with quality work by Harvia.

Brand: Harvia-Finland

Model  :    BACKET: SAC10003  /  LADDLE: SAC10640

Harvia Bucket laddle 4.1 Ltr

Sauna Lux Sand Glass (Harvia Finland)

The Harvia Lux sand glass creates a dash of luxury in your sauna. The sandglass is a stylish, decorative timekeeper with personality. You can use the sand-glass to indicate a suitable bathing time see how much time has passed.


Model: SAC19800

Sauna Thermo Hygrometer (Harvia Finland)

The thermo-hygrometer by Harvia reliably shows the temperature and air humidity level of your sauna. The clear gauges embedded in stylishly simplistic light wood enable you to easily see the readings even in dim lighting.



Model: SAS92300