• A generous cleaning area measuring provides a more efficient cleaning experience. Flexible, thermoplastic body hugs every curve and contour of your pool’s surface!.
  • 6 integrated weights assure a consistent seal on all pool surfaces for superior cleaning power.
  • The vacuum suction port connects to a standard 1.5″ hose for convenience, no proprietary accessories necessary!.
  • The chrome-plated metal handle attaches to most standard-sized extension poles while ensuring durability and easy maneuverability.
  • Long-lasting urethane wheels with metal ball bearings roll effortlessly and protect sensitive pool surfaces from damage.
  • Imported from China.



Vacuum Head is a key component in properly maintaining a swimming pool. If you’re in charge

of manually cleaning an individual or  commercial pool, the vacuum head is probably one of the most important

pieces of equipment you will use.


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