• Professional durable 20″ swimming pool cleaning brush with a sturdy aluminum reinforced aluminum back handle. Pole not included. Clean all areas of your pool’s walls, floors, steps, and corners.
  • FAST POOL CLEANING: Widebody pool scrubbing brush with 5 to 7 rows of durable nylon bristles and slightly curved ends. The bristles curve up on the ends, which makes it much easier for the bristles to stay in contact on the surfaces of the wall and floor. Clean faster using less effort with a brush that’s easy to maneuver around all the slopes within a pool.
  • EZ CLIP HANDLE: Handle comes with user-friendly EZ clip buttons that prevent your fingers from getting pinched or jammed while attaching or detaching a telescopic pole. Simply push down on the EZ clip buttons, which will retract the butterfly clips that hold the pole on the net, then you can safely, quickly, and easily connect or disconnect a pole.
  • COMPATIBLE: Fits all standard 1-1/4″ size pool accessory poles. Safe for all pool types. Ideal for use in keeping your pool free of algae, calcium build-up on tiles, and for cleaning all other pool surface debris.





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