• The DeluxCentral Vacuum System is one of the best central vacuum systems made! The Delux Vac system cleaners not only improves the value of your home but also improves the health of your family by removing dirt and allergens from the air in your home by using a Micron and HEPA filtration system. Using the industry’s best motor (with an amazing 130 CFM of power), this could be the most powerful vacuum in the U.S.! With the extremely powerful Amtek 2 Stage motor, 25-year warranty, and the steel design of the Prolux Central Vacuum System; This high-end kit was made to last for many years to come.



Deluxe EZ Vacuum System with additional Small Vacuum Head, 3 Adaptors and (4 or 3)  pieces 1.5M  pole and dia 32 mm X 5 M hose



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