Ground Filtration System Minder

Features & Advantages
• Small foot print for cost effective storage during off-peak season.
• Quick Installation. All pipe works are pre-cult and ready for installation.
• Quality parts and equipment manufactured by MINDER.
• Construction of filter and pump models pairing is available.
CS Series is a modulator filtration system designed to easy storage and transportation, while offer similar filtration result with traditional permanent set-ups. It is a perfect solution for temporary swimming pools and water parts. The system consists a filter and a pump.
Features & Advantages.
• Elegant and compact design.
• Durable fiberglass reinforced plastic casing to withstand all weather condition.
• Small footprint for cost effective storage during off-peck season.
• Quick Installation. All pipe works are pr-cut and ready for installation.

Optional Components
• MinderChlor Chlorine Generator
• Minder Hydra Smart Water Management System
• Control Box for Pump. Timer & Lights.
• Chlorine/Bronnie Tablet Feeder.

• Multiport valve & fittings 1 year.
• Filter Tank 5 years.
• Pump 1 year.
• Casing 1 year.



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