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Starting Block Model SV9095

Universally acclaimed by coaches and competitive swimmers, this platform is graceful and functionally simplistic. It meets FINA requirements. The surface area is covered with non-slip material.


We have provided so many standard competition block for competition using swimming pool.

Stainless steel 304 grade framework with backstroke bar, hidden fixing
Points and holdfast anchors for grouting into pool surround.

With non-slip surface.

Template is required for setting out holdfast fittings.


*Easy to install and maintain

Starting Blocks

Starting block

Specially designed for competition events. Available with an adjustable footrest to facilitate entry into the water.
Its minimalist design in high-quality materials gives it an elegant and modern look.
Made of AISI-316 stainless steel. Polished surface finish. Adjustable footrest (6 positions).

Diving Board

The diving boards are made of polyester resin and fiberglass. All boards are extra-sturdy to withstand weights up to 120 kg, have high mechanical strength, as well as excellent UV and weather resistance to ensure a long service life and a great look. For even greater safety, all boards come with a non-slip tread.

Pool LifeGuard Chair

The stand is made of powder coated closed steel profiles and is equipped with a plastic seat with backrest. The stand is foldable for easy storage.